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Every Sunday - 11am Service

What Happens?

Interactive music and teaching begins from 11am in house & online, where you can engage at your own pace. Each service is approximately one hour long.

As a church, we constantly aim to get closer to the heart of God. Every week after a time of music and worship, there is live teaching which aims to educate, challenge and inspire.

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for the first time?

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We know that coming to a new place for the first time can be intimidating. On your visit, we will do our very best to make you feel welcome!

What better way to feel at home than sharing a cup of tea or coffee? Come and have a chat in our cafe, open from 30 mins before the main service starts, and again afterwards.

It’s important to us that everybody can feel comfortable and relaxed in BVC Church. Even if you only want to see what we’re all about, you’re just as welcome!

Don't Worry - the Coffee is not instant!

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Cafe Open 30 mins before service

Diverse Kids

PARENTS - while you are in the main room each week, you can rest assured that your children are fully supervised, safe and enjoying their time in BVC Church!

KIDZLAND is ‘church’ for primary school kids. Jesus taught that children were important in the kingdom of God! We treasure our kids, encouraging them to come to church and take part.

Kids have their own dedicated areas where they can have fun focused on the Christian message through songs,

dances, games, stories, crafts, quizzes, memory activities, snacks and more.


LITTLE STARS Crèche is for the younger ones. Children between the ages of 2-4 years can enjoy fun and engaging activities each week, with qualified supervision and lots of toys!

BABY ROOM with changing facilities and comfortable seats if your little one gets restless. Live feed of the service, so you won’t miss a thing!

If you are a visitor here please know there is ZERO obligation regarding this project! This is for people who call BVC Church their home, or those outside that feel led to support The Next Step



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be part

Bank Transfer ensures that 100% of your contribution goes to BVC Church


BarrowValley Community Church



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If you are an Irish tax payer and donate €250+ in a year, BVC Church can claim an additional 20%+ of your donation under the charity refund scheme! Would you allow BVC Church to do this by completing a CHY3 form? Speak to Ps. Ivor Tutty.



We are asking you to join us in the mission of winning souls for Christ in a practical way. He has prepared the works for us to do, we just need to step into His plan!

We need approx. €500,000 to complete this expansion. It's a huge number, we know, but we also know that God has people and circumstances in place to make this possible.

While seeking and trusting for external help, we believe that as a church, we must first take ownership of this project, showing that we are serious in this mission.

As a part of BVC Church, please prayerfully consider investing in The Next Step!

Our Vision is for our community now and the generations to come!

We need approx. €500,000 to complete this expansion


"This vision, of a church for future generations, was set before us by God through a word from Him to expand; to create greater space for all the people He is going to bring. Our current building can't comfortably contain the growing volume of people, particularly children, attending each week. Our facilities are bursting at the seams. We urgently need more space to accommodate all that is happening and we are excited for what is to come!"

Senior Pastor Paddy Grant


"We are committed to reaching our community for God by persevering in developing a healthy church that is not only effective now, but will also impact many generations to come. Making Christ known through various programs is all part of connecting people to the heart of the Father. This connection, we know, has life-altering effects, and so it's our mission to continually expose more and more people to Jesus by any means. The building expansion of BVC Church is one major way we can be more effective in our mission and increase our capacity to serve more individuals, families, children, youth and young adults, as we step into the future. Carlow needs a place that exudes the love of Christ. BVC Church is that place and we can't wait to see what God is going to do through this expansion!"

Next Gen. Pastor Daniel Maxwell

Our values



we aim to show the love of Jesus in everything we say and do


the bible

we believe the bible is cod’s word and the final authority in all we teach and do



we focus on connecting people to God and building genuine relationships where everyone is accepted, secure and significant



we reach out to our community in practical ways, following jesus’ example



as people of integrity, we value honesty and respect



we are passionate about serving god with excellence, for this honours god and inspires people