9. You Found Me

Jason Dowty | August 17, 2018

This song was written during our recent music camp.

The words were written or inspired by 16 poems, penned by children and adults during the camp.

The challenge was to take one line that captured the essence of each poem (from poems about ice cream and water fights to poems about God and faith).

I then had to think of a tune and combine them into a song that made sense and that glorified God.

The result is a kind of modern Psalm, showing how the glory of God is present and visible in every living thing and every part of our lives, with his blessings evident all around us even when relaxing on a summer’s day.

This song illustrates that, on days like these (as well as when times are hard), we should take time to appreciate and give thanks for the freedom we have in Christ and for the majesty of his creation – from the universe and stars to the simple beauty of bird song.

Vocals by Jason Dowty, Randy Holt, Shelly Beck and Derek Gibson. Piano by Mary Holt, all other instruments by Joe Cleere. Music copyright Jason Dowty 2018.