3. By My Side

Jason Dowty | August 17, 2018

The initial words of this song are based on Jesus’s meeting with the woman at the well – the first gentile he spread the gospel to.

It’s about the rivers of living water Jesus promised all who come to him.

The song also highlights the evidence of God all around us in creation – an unfathomable universe that defies man’s logic, no matter how smart we may think we are.

With so many crazy coincidences needed to make our existence happen by chance, even the most logical mind must admit that applying logic to the universe is illogical. The odds of everything falling into place in the way it had to ‘by chance’ are, frankly, ridiculous.

Even a tiny element like the moon being able to perfectly eclipse the sun, despite the huge difference in size and distance from the Earth? Combine that with the fact the moon’s mere existence is vital to the balance of life on our planet. And that’s just two of innumerable chance happenings. The volume of coincidences is insane.

The song ends with a verse about the gospel message – forget religion, leave it behind and make your destination Jesus – he is the only way and, the great thing is, his gift of life comes for free.

Vocals by Jason Dowty, Una O’Roarke and Natalie O’Neill. All instruments by Joe Cleere. Music copyright Jason Dowty 2018.