Come to Worship


  1. Come to Worship Part 1 by Eric Stilwell
  2. Come to Worship Part 2 by Jason Dowty
  3. Come to Worship Part 3 by Katrina Maxwell
  4. Come to Worship Part 4 by Ivor Tutty

Rich Series


  1. Are you Rich? by Sean Mullarkey

A Way Out


  1. There Is Always A Way Out by Ivor Tutty
  2. Fighting Temptation by Daniel Maxwell
  3. Living By The Spirit by Daniel Maxwell
  4. Feed My Spirit by Ivor Tutty

Fear Not


  1. Fear Not: Part One by Eric Stilwell
  2. Fear Not: Part Two by Eric Stilwell
  3. Fear Not: Part Three by Craig Groeschel

Engage Series (2019)


  1. Engage: Connect by Katrina Maxwell
  2. Engage: Contribute by Katrina Maxwell
  3. Engage: Grow by Daniel Maxwell



  1. SALT Team by Chloe Grant, Niamh Stilwell, Daniel Maxwell, Eric Stilwell

The Good Work

Each one of us has a good work to do. We may not see it yet, but it’s often right there in front of our eyes. For Nehemiah, it was broken walls. For you, it could be an injustice in the world, or a need you see what no one else does. During this series, we will learn how Nehemiah responded to his own calling and learn how we can change our own world just by leaning into the unique calling that God has put in front of each of us.


  1. The Good Work Part 1 by Paddy Grant
  2. The Good Work Part 2 by Paddy Grant
  3. The Good Work Part 3 by Paddy Grant
  4. The Good Work Part 4 by Ivor Tutty

ExtraOrdinary Part 2 with Brian Somerville


  1. Unity in Christ by Brian Somerville
  2. Church Culture by Brian Somerville
  3. Deflecting Criticism by Brian Somerville
  4. Holding the Plate by Brian Somerville

Brian Sommervile


  1. Follow the Leader by Brian Sommervile



  1. Trials and Temptations by Katrina Maxwell
  2. Faith in Action by Katrina Maxwell
  3. Taming the Tongue by Katrina Maxwell

Spirit Radio Session

On Saturday 6th of July, Jason Dowty spent some time at Spirit Radio to share his inspiration and source of passion for the music he writes!

Watch the video through the link, or listen to the podcast featuring Jason at approx 10 minutes in.


  1. Spirit Radio by Jason Dowty

JR Certeza


  1. Fixer Upper by JR Certeza
  2. Let Your Light Shine by JR Certeza


As followers of Christ we need to train ourselves to make decisions that matter not just in this life, but in eternity. The ExtraOrdinary series looks at how we can create habits which will help us to become more effective disciples.


  1. Start with the End in Mind by Pastor Paddy Grant
  2. Beyond the Ordinary pt I by Pastor Brian Somerville
  3. Beyond the Ordinary pt II by Pastor Brian Somerville
  4. Beyond the Ordinary pt III by Pastor Brian Somerville
  5. The Call of Capacity by Pastor Brian Somerville
  6. Live in Expectation by Pastor Paddy Grant
  7. Unmet Expectations by Pastor Paddy Grant
  8. Getting Past Your Past by Pastor Paddy Grant
  9. Extra-Ordinary Worship pt I by Pastor Paddy Grant
  10. Extra-Ordinary Worship pt II by Pastor Paddy Grant

Made for More

One of the biggest questions asked today is ‘who am I?’ Many people search for and try whatever possible to create an identity for themselves which never brings long term satisfaction rather than discovering who they really are and who God created them to be!

Made for More is a six week series beginning this Sunday at BVC which will point you towards your true identity which is found in Jesus Christ and the life he gives.


  1. Identity in Christ by Pastor Paddy Grant
  2. God is for us, not against us by Pastor Paddy Grant
  3. Breaking the Power of Shame by Pastor Paddy Grant
  4. Breaking the Power of Shame pt2 by Pastor Paddy Grant
  5. You Have a Future by Pastor Paddy Grant
  6. You Have an Inheritance in Christ by Pastor Paddy Grant

I Love My Church Series


  1. I Love My Church by Pastor Sean Mullarkey

Hope in the Dark




  1. Where are you God? by Pastor Paddy Grant
  2. Waiting on God by Pastor Paddy Grant
  3. Embracing God in the Valley by Pastor Paddy Grant

My Enemy’s Friend

As the two services get underway, Pastor Jamie Corcoran, of Lighthouse in Navan, shares with us 7 ways in which we allow the enemy to take control of our lives.



  1. My Enemy's Friend by Pastor Jamie Corcoran

Spotlight BVC Team Interview by UCB

We had the privilege of being interviewed by Vincent Hughes of UCB Radio Ireland for their most recent Spotlight segment on local churches in Ireland.

If you missed the air-date last week, you can now catch up online. Listen in to hear about how God is working through those committed to serving in the church, and to find out more about what’s going on behind the scenes at BVC.


All the time, we make decisions about who we want to be. We make resolutions; we set goals. But often these goals are focused on ourselves in our own world. Losing weight, saving money or whatever — even the best goals are often inherently self-centred. To live the life God has for us, we must be willing to put away our own comfort for the good of others. It’s not easy, and it sure isn’t comfortable. But when you deny yourself, God can do so much more through you.


  1. Bold In Witness by Pastor Paddy Grant
  2. Faithful in Service by Pastor Paddy Grant
  3. Generous in Giving by Pastor Paddy Grant

Break camp and Advance

Moving on is not easy especially if you like it where you are! But what if there is something far better out there waiting for you to claim it? Whatever situation your life is in, there is a far better place to which God calls you. ‘Breaking camp’ is about God’s call to pull up the ‘tent pegs’ of life and take a journey of faith, a journey of life to the full, a life where God’s best is waiting for you to step in to.